Cancel and Return Policy

Hihi strives to maintain a high balance between customer service and customer satisfaction. These two factors have enabled us to succeed and maintain a professional and courteous relation with our customers. When it comes to cancellations or returns of merchandise, we hope there is a valid reason and we are here to make sure that it can be taken care off to the best we can. Now there are a few rare occasions when we absolutely cannot do anything to take the item back. for e.g if we were to ship a bottle of drinking water and the customer upon receiving it opens it and drinks some of the water and does not find it to his liking and then decides to send it back to us. We certainly cannot take the water that he just drank back. Just like the above example there are products out there that come with similar issues. In situations like this we cannot and will absolutely not take the product back.

There are also times that we feel yes we can take the product back and will have to re-stock it.

In case when the product for some reasons came to a customer with some defaults on it, as long as the products are in their original condition which include the packing, the tags, not worn etc, then we will charge the customer a 50% re-stocking fee as well as the return shipping charges and provide the customer with a brand new product.

In the case of wrong size placed by the customers, we can only support you to purchase a new shirt with 50% off since we always publish our size chart on the landing page of every product and we always recommend that our customers take a look at the size chart before placing an order. Every customer has his own body shape so it's hard for us to product a product that perfectly fits all of you.

Again we want to assure all our customers we take returns on a case by case basis and if we have made an error on our side we will take it back no questions asked as well as pay the return shipping.

For all items that meet our return policy, please for more instruction on how you can return the items.

Regarding the cancellation of orders, all orders can only be canceled within 24 hours from the moment of placing the order by sending an email to All the cancellations informed to us by any other way or not in the first 24 hours from the moment of purchasing will be declined.

Regarding any changes in the orders that customers have placed such as changing colors or shipping address etc, please send an email to as soon as possible. Based on the condition of the orders, we would try our best to support you with what is possible in the mean time.

Thank you and best regards

Hihi Global